Space Babes Art was a long time dormant dream while Shanna tried to manage a full time job, school, mental health issues, staying alive and more, UNTIL May, 2018 when they designed and received their first pin. Inspired by other makers and their long time love for creating and making art, they were able to get their shit together and do this damn thing. 

Now, Space Babes Art thrives out of a second room in a basement apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah. Catch Space Babes + her wares at local shows including Craft Lake City, Brewstillery, SLC Punk Rock Flea Market and more!


I always wanted to be an artist, then I realized I always was.

At five years old, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say “an artist.” At ten years old, I would say “an artist.” At fifteen years old, I would say “maybe something in environmental sustainability, and maybe do some art in my off time.” At twenty years old, I would say “I don’t know if I want to grow up, I just want to help make things better.”

Now, when people ask me what I am and what I want to be, I say “I am and want to be a better environmental and social justice advocate, I work a day job, and I am an artist.” 

I am always open to art or pin trades, collaborations or other partner work.